Team planning
for mobility

Whether you're facilitating the e-scooter or cycling revolution, or renting out cars so your customers can enjoy local getaways, managing a customer service team is complex. People get in touch for all sorts of reasons: making a booking, cancelling a booking, finding a car or scooter, starting a car or scooter, reporting damages or even worse, reporting an accident.

The Surfboard approach to mobility customer service

Forecasting to have the right number of people in place across an insourced or outsourced (BPO) team

Often your customer service team will need to have to have the right number of people in place across all hours, covering a variety of languages so you are there and available when your customers need you. Can you give your outsourcing agencies enough notice ahead of the August bank holiday peak? Do you have enough people qualified to validate accounts and ID checks? What is the right mix of full time, part time and outsourced team members to make sure you have flexibility to ramp up for the busy summer weekends but aren't overstaffed on that rainy January Tuesday?

We've got you covered. At Surfboard we do both long term and short term forecasting, helping you plan ahead whilst also making sure you have the right number of people in place ahead of the upcoming weekend. We provide your team with advanced notice of their shifts and take into account their skills, languages and preferences to ensure schedules are fair and they get time off live channels such as phones and chat to avoid burnout. We'll also provide you with the numbers you need to give your outsourcing agencies advance notice and have the right mix of people in the right place to meet your service levels and be able to cover the vast number of topics your customers could reach out about.

Creating fair scheduling to match your constraints

This requires complex scheduling where spreadsheets and legacy tools don't let you check for fairness and additional constraints. We build scheduling to plan for a 24/7 service team if needed, and where you can plan for a mixture of insourced and outsourced surfers.

We work with your constraints around service level agreements (SLAs), opening hours, languages and skill based scheduling, and amount of time you want spent on non-inbound work. We also take into account the preferences your team has around shifts. We then build in additional time so they have adequate time of breaks and on learning and development (training, 1:1s, coaching).