Team planning
for marketplaces

With two (or more) distinct sides to manage, customer service for marketplaces can be tricky. Suppliers, whether they are businesses or individuals, get in touch about drastically different topics than customers, meaning customer service teams have to either be well equipped to handle a wide array of topics or have their team split based on type of customer.

Whether it's planning for shift coverage so you have enough people to cover busy evenings and weekends when lessons take place, or making sure you have your team scheduled to be working on operations when inbound service is quiet, Surfboard understands the complexity of making sure your various types of customers are well served and your team has enough time spent on training, development and projects to provide best in class service.

We’re proud to work with some of the best customer service teams in marketplaces


Our approach to marketplace customer service

Split forecasting by customer type

Splitting inflow forecasting by channel doesn't cut it when the reasons customers get in touch have such high variances. At Surfboard, we either split this by team if that is how your customer service function is divided, or by type of query, so you can make sure you have a high degree of visibility over what to expect and what skills you need at a given time. We of course will also then divide this up by channel, so your team knows whether they will be working on phones, email, chat, or work on building operations processes when inflow is lower.

Build fairness into scheduling

Managing having the right number of people to match inflow and meet service levels but without making jobs mundane and repetitive is tricky to get right, but something at Surfboard we obsess over. We make sure the team has enough freedom to properly solve a customers problem or to fix a process that looks broken. We want to make sure your customers have the support they need, when they need it, but we also know this can't be at the cost of burning out your team and preventing them from providing great service. We take your teams preferences into account and will schedule enough time for them to be trained, coached and take enough breaks, whilst ensuring the right number of people are in the right place to meet your inflow.

Understand how your team is performing

Have a clear picture of how your service team is performing. Understand your service levels at different times in the day and let your team have more autonomy and visibility into their own performance. Give your managers the tools to be able to do their jobs effectively without spending time downloading cobbled together reports from different sources or needing to micromanage the team.

What our customers say

Thanks to Surfboard, my team feels ready to tackle the high volume of inbounds that are about to start flooding in with the return of schools. They trust the forecasting behind the schedule and know that they’re rota’d onto a channel for a reason. As a result, our SLAs and KPIs have improved massively and all without the headache of having to draw up a rota on a Google Sheet!

Nick Hills, Operations Manager, MyTutor

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