Team planning
for insurance

Making an insurance claim can be a very stressful experience for a customer. Whether they have been the victim of theft, their boiler has broken down, they have a healthcare requirement or their flight has been cancelled, getting in touch with an insurance provider is daunting. Insurance companies that want to provide an excellent customer experience are focused on making sure a claim process is as easy as a sign up process, and customers are able to get in touch easily.

The Surfboard approach to insurance customer service

Planning and scheduling for 24/7 service

For some industries such as boiler cover or health insurance, 24/7 coverage is essential so schedules need to be generated to provide fair shift patterns. Advance notice has to be provided for shift patterns including weekend and late night staffing, and you don't want someone working a late shift followed by an early shift the next day meaning that often algorithms can be better at ensuring fairness than humans.

We take into account the constraints you have: your SLAs, your opening hours, your team preferences, and layer on top our fairness constraints with the objective of ensuring your customers get a quick response, and your team feels empowered and energised to provide the best possible service so customers feel well supported in an otherwise difficult time.

Visibility into team performance

Have a clear picture of how your service team is performing. Understand your service levels at different times in the day and let your team have more autonomy and visibility into their own performance. Give your managers the tools to be able to do their jobs effectively without spending time downloading cobbled together reports from different sources or needing to micromanage the team.