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MyTutor uses Surfboard to generate automated schedules, reducing time spent on planning and improving service levels

MyTutor provides affordable online tutoring to improve grades and life chances for GCSE and A-level students. Used by over 1,000 schools and a partner in the National Tutoring Program, an initiative designed to help disadvantaged students catch up on lost lockdown learning, providing excellent customer support is essential to the MyTutor value proposition.

The MyTutor B2B support team has grown from 4 to 22 in the time they have been working with Surfboard. They use Zendesk, Intercom and Aircall to manage customer conversations.

Reducing scheduling time using Surfboard

reduction in planning time

MyTutor utilises Surfboard's automated schedule generation resulting in a 75% reduction in time spent on planning. With the end-to-end process covering forecasting, staffing requirements and rota creation, Surfboard captures absences and all other requisite data through integration so they can create the correct daily schedule enabling MyTutor to comfortably hit service levels in a way that is sustainable for the team without requiring much manual intervention.

Surfboard complements the schedules with heatmaps so that if any manual changes are made to the schedule, the implications on service levels are clear. This makes decision making a lot easier and reduces the number of siloes where data sits.

MyTutor has a mix of part time and full time staff, using Surfboard to optimise the best times to enhance service performance with part timers. In addition, their team spends time on onboarding schools and building work which Surfboard schedules in at times when the ticket forecast is the lowest so service doesn't take a hit.

Surfboard has saved me an enormous amount of time in scheduling - being able to pull up the rota made by the Surfboard platform and knowing that all of the channels will be covered appropriately at the right times is invaluable to us here at MyTutor. In the world of Customer Service and Operations, we’re always having to react to unexpected situations that crop up throughout the day and that might mean changing the rota at the last minute. With Surfboard’s heatmaps, I can see straight away who would be best to pull off a channel and the impact that might have on our service levels.

Nick Hills, Operations Manager, MyTutor

Improving service levels

MyTutor's ticket count is not just a function of historical trends. Surfboard uses data from Zendesk, Intercom and Aircall as well as external drivers such as MyTutor's lesson projections to create a forecast of ticket volumes per channel per hour. Surfboard then translates these ticket volumes to the number of people required to cover each channel in a way that meets SLAs.

Since Surfboard started managing the end-to-end process from forecasting to schedule generation, service levels have improved week on week providing confidence and readiness to handle the seasonal peaks and troughs.

More granular visibility into metrics

In addition to forecasting and scheduling, the Surfboard dashboard also provides service performance retro information. This has allowed MyTutor to understand their historical service levels by hour, by channel, so they know how they can do better in the future. This has also saved them from using internal data science resources to build reporting from scratch.

Thanks to Surfboard, my team feels ready to tackle the high volume of inbounds that are about to start flooding in with the return of schools. They trust the forecasting behind the schedule and know that they’re rota’d onto a channel for a reason. As a result, our SLAs and KPIs have improved massively and all without the headache of having to draw up a rota on a Google Sheet!

Nick Hills, Operations Manager, MyTutor

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