Why we're building

Customer service is tricky to get right. Exceptional customer service can encourage repeat purchases and great customer reviews, while bad customer service can shatter your public perception, cause customer churn and create a vicious cycle of unhappy customers resulting in an unhappy and overworked team.

Managing a customer service team is hard. First it means identifying the right size team to manage the Black Friday peaks or the Easter Monday troughs. Once a company gets the team size right, they have to figure out how to staff the team across the different contact channels. Then they have to factor in breaks, lunches, training time and make sure agents have a good experience and get to work on other cool and exciting projects. The best tool out there to manage all this is (prepare to gasp)..spreadsheets!

This is why we're building Surfboard.

We're created for the teams that believe a happy team makes for happy customers. A happy team means recognising Surfers for making their most important stakeholder, the customer, satisfied. It means providing fulfillment in the service role, not just having Surfers respond to phone calls all day, every day.

With the insights Surfers get from speaking to customers directly, they can provide valuable input into product and operations roadmaps, and can have a more varied contribution to a company beyond frontline service. For companies that understand and value the insights of your Surfers, we're designing Surfboard for you.

We call agents "surfers" in our platform. Contacts come in waves, and surfers are the ones navigating these waves. We're providing them with the tool to be able to do this: the surfboard. 🏄🏾‍♀️

Meet the team


Founder & CEO

Previously Chief of Staff at Bulb where scaling customer service was a key challenge. Prior to Bulb, Natasha was a venture capitalist after starting her career at Goldman Sachs.


Data Science

Leon previously worked as the lead data scientist for a solar start-up in Africa, and before that as a data science consultant for a strategic data & analytics firm in the Netherlands.



Building tech products for over a decade, both as an engineer and product manager, Richard has worked on everything from fintech to video systems for rock concerts.



A serial CTO, Matt previously was a co-founder at Credit Kudos, the challenger credit reference agency. Prior to fintech, Matt worked in data science and analytics at Universal Music Group.


Data Science

Patrick previously worked as a data scientist for a cybersecurity startup called Tessian, after studying Computer Science at KCL.



After graduating from the BA Design course at Goldsmiths University, Ellie worked as an in-house designer on a variety of digital, print, and product design projects before joining Surfboard.

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Our values

Think big and be ambitious

To have a gigantic impact we need to be thinking out of the box. We're changing a very antiquated industry and so need to be constantly evolving the way we think.

Desire for action, obsession with quality

We move fast, but we don't break things. We believe in having robust processes in place but not in being slowed down by bureaucracy.

Long term impact > short term profit

We're changing the culture and behaviours of the entire customer service industry. In order to do this, we'll need to stay away from opportunities that help us succeed now but divert us from our ultimate mission.

Keep it simple

We're building a product to make things easier in a complex industry with numerous metrics, tools and working models. In order for us to build the best product, simplicity is key. Less is more and we also keep our communication simple and to the point.

Balance and fun

We do our best work when we have balance in our lives. We see our family and friends, we take holidays and we don't burn ourselves out. We know the work will never end but we'll only change the world of customer service by being healthy and happy.

Failing = learning

We're going to make bold bets which requires not being afraid to fail. We will make mistakes and as long as we own up to them, it's a good thing. We're also humble enough to not be afraid to say "I don't know".

Be accountable, trust others

We trust everyone is doing their best and in return we need to be answerable to each other and our stakeholders. We aren't afraid to ask questions and we whenever possible use data to justify our actions.

Our investors

SeedcampFly Ventures